Welcome to our Toddler Program

Rising Stars Child Development Center offers a safe, happy, stimulating, caring and fun environment in which your child will develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.  Our toddler program (24 months - 3 years) is based on the belief that children learn concepts and form ideas through self-initiated activities.  Toddlers are increasingly more mobile, they like to carry things around, are interested in cause and effect, they understand that language has meaning and enjoy playing with "real" objects and are very busy learning and discovering!

Toddlers will be introduced to early montessori "works" in order to better prepare them for the transition into preschool.  We incorporate family routine throughout our day to help the children feel safe and have fun.

We see conflict as opportunities to teach, and focus on ways to be kind and helpful instead of hurtful.  Teachers will help toddlers find appropriate ways to assert themselves by supporting their individuality, by giving them choices, and introducing social guidelines.

Small Motor

Stacking Rings
Early writing skills
• Transfer and sort object

Large Motor

Trains, trucks, and cars

Creative play

Kitchen play
Grocery store
Doll care/play
Puppet theatre


Touch tub activities
Weather and seasonal changes


Sorting by color,shape, and size
Beginning number recognition
Math games


Story time
Dramatic play
Music and rhythm

Toddler Schedule

Meal Times
Rising Stars meal times are in a family style setting.  We all (including teachers) sit together at the table to encourage the value of good eating habits, table manners while sharing their experiences of the day together.

Nap Times

All children are required to have a nap/rest period.  No child is forced to sleep, however they must remain quiet with quiet activities.  Every child is provided a nap mat that is sanitized after every use.

Outside Time

The children are provided two, half hour recess times.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  We have a fully enclosed basketball court, a grassy common area for running, as well as another fully enclosed play strucure for their use

Toilet Training

We will start potty training your child by having him/her using the toilet at every diaper change.  As they become familar with the potty experience and are having success we will start encouraging underwear.  We ask that you not use pull-ups.  Diapers or underwear only please.  The teacher will give you more specific information, and you will be updated on your child's progress throughout the process. Your child can be successfully potty trained as long as we work together and remain consistent throughout the entire transition.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call us at  503-774-STAR (7827)

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