Welcome to our Infant and Wobbler Program

Rising Stars Infant program (6 weeks - 24 months) provides a loving, caring, safe “home like” environment that is filled with music, laughter, and an abundance of TLC.

We recognize the importance of healthy, happy and loving experiences of a baby’s first year and facilitate growth through a nurturing and loving environment.  Babies are provided stimulating activities that enhance and facilitate their development to accomplish milestones.

We provide on demand scheduling to assure your child’s individual needs are being met.  Rising Stars believe each child progresses at their own pace and rather than being forced to reach milestones at a specific date, instead are encouraged to develop these skills as they are ready.


Social and Emotional skills

• Encouraged by helping your infant become aware of other people
Imitating hand and facial gestures
Teachers sing, play with puppets, and read to make your baby feel happy and secure


Communication skills

Listening and making sounds
Observing themselves in the mirror and mimicking their teachers


Fine Motor skills

Finger and hand movements
Shaking a rattle
Scooping up finger foods
Finger painting


Large Motor skills

Reaching for objects
Crawling and walking


Cognitive skills

Cause and Effect
Dumping out toys
Building and knocking down towers
Manipulating stacking rings

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to call us at  503-774-STAR (7827)